Public Workspace Examples

Stock Price Alerts - This is a Postman Collection demo, which can help users monitor (US) stock prices and trigger threshold-based alerts sent to Slack.

Slack Weather Bot - This collection acts as a weather bot for you which posts the current weather to a specific Slack channel.

ShipEngine - This collection is a walkthrough of basic ShipEngine functionality.  Learn how to create and download shipping labels, calculate shipping costs for any package, compare rates across UPS, FedEx, USPS and other carriers, and track packages in real-time or on-demand.

Facebook Friends Birthday Reminder - Load Facebook birthdays data and this collection will start sending you notification one day in advance at your preferred hour. 

Backup Facebook Albums to Dropbox - This collection makes use of Facebook's graph API and Dropbox's API to sync all our albums to dropbox.

Space - This is a public workspace for building and integrating with a variety of APIs that can be used to build space related applications and integrations.

Amazon Web Services (Unofficial) - This is a public workspace of AWS collections, allowing developers to work with many of the AWS APIs.

CI/CD Workspace - This is a public workspace for working with different CI/CD platforms.